Sunday, February 07, 2010

First blog. Oh yay. Signed up only to find I already had done three whole years ago. Bloody hell. Back then I weren't unemployed - I was doing my A Levels and had a bar job. The pub has subsequently gone out of business.

I left college in June last year and have been pretty much unemployed since. I got a big break (sort of) in November for a company which sells recording experiences. It was more than 40 hours a week, unpaid and a nightmare. I spent around seven hours a day calling up people who had bought these recording experiences before, to ask them if they'd like to buy one again. At about a hundred quid a pop, most weren't interested, and for no wage, I lost interest too.

Despite not being paid, I had to go off the dole when I started the position, and I have been signed off ever since. To be honest, I don't think I could go through all that again. They were more interested in my nationality than anything else. It was like a bloody school reunion in there, too. I can't leave my house without seeing someone who I went to school with. Most of these people don't remember me however as I left when I was thirteen due to the charming psychological tag of "school phobia."

So my mission is to:

A.) Get a job
and B.) Use the wage to get out of this town.

There's the opening blog then. Job done. Now we're in thick of things.

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